DynamicDocs API: Next Paradigm in PDF Document Generation

Johannesburg, South Africa — Advicement in May 2021 announced DynamicDocs API, which is revolutionizing the industry with its accessible approach to automated pdf generation — all at affordable pricing. It leads the way with its innovative process of using LaTeX and serverless computing to generate PDF documents via an API. The modern approach to API development has evolved with the availability of cloud computing. Therefore it becomes essential to innovate over technological advancements that can improve client’s digital experiences. Keeping that in mind, DynamicDocs API has been built so that one can quickly integrate with it and start generating PDF documents using existing (or new) templates.

Advicement.io dashboard which allows users to test and compile document templates

The DynamicDocs API cuts down all the noise over pdf generation in just three steps, namely:

To see DynamicDocs API in action, you may complete the steps above and generate a PDF document via an API in seconds using a simple form on the Advicement’s website.

Also, on Advicement’s website, you can register for an account and get access to the DynamicDocs API dashboard. DynamicDocs API dashboard gives clients the ability to create customized templates to manage customer-specific documents and monitor API calls. The serverless technology helps clients create customized documents effortlessly and maintain the high scalability of the PDF API.

“At Advicement, we are looking to innovate not only technologically but with affordability and feasibility,” said Igor Rodionov, Advicement’s founder. He further stated, “We are excited to offer our clients a viable, plug and play solution to generate PDF documents in the cloud. The DynamicDocs API extends our services from investment documents like factsheets to any customized document which can contain dynamic text, tables and charts.”

Focus on quality

One significant advantage of LaTeX is that it does an excellent job of typesetting. LaTeX evaluates through various sets of built-in algorithms the optimal layout of the document. Its typesetting algorithms are highly refined and use scaled point as a measurement which results in profoundly accurate pdf generation. The document templates offered on the platform use various computational resources to carry out calculations and remain interactive by including dynamic data, tables and charts. The output document is optimized for display with professional quality, dynamic content and client branding.

Sample of document templates available on Advicement.io

Scalability and output

DynamicDocs API helps break down huge pieces of data into smaller parts and place them in specific document sections using particular template commands. LaTeX can also simplify creating tables of content, references, and text formatting on multi-file projects with PDF documents as an outcome. It’s a different paradigm for document creation that looks past the kludgy cross-referencing and is one of the most powerful formats to structure your texts. The dynamic documentation structure helps users start writing documents faster with just the right amount of flexibility required for popular customizations.

Fast integration

The primary purpose of DynamicDocs API is to save the time of developers so that they can integrate quickly with the API and avoid a long development process for document generation. It enables your vital applications to get additional functionality of transactional PDFs, which is usually associated with established enterprises. Your developers need not worry about building or deploying new servers as part of the publishing process. DynamicDocs API creates a smooth, effortless integration and saves your business time and money.

Safety precautions for data

DynamicDocs API complies with strict security protocols using Amazon Web Services infrastructure to ensure your data is safe and secure. Moreover, the data and documents are stored no longer than 30 days in our environment. With the myriad of possibilities that can be realized over the internet, an adequate amount of security has been put in place to safeguard our client’s interest and provide them with a blanket of trust.


The DynamicDocs API is available through RapidAPI.com (on a freemium basis) or by contacting Advicement directly. Enterprise clients can choose the direct option if they require to generate a large number of documents each month, with enterprise pricing starting from $0.05 per PDF. Advicement also offers template development services and integration consultation, enabling potential customers to evaluate the service benefits effectively.

About Advicement

Advicement enables the digital transformation of corporate companies with its technology. Its mission is to provide high-quality technological and practical solutions to the industry. For more information, visit the Advicement website.

Originally published at https://advicement.io.



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Igor Rodionov

Igor Rodionov is the founder of Advicement. Before Advicement, Igor worked as a quantitative analyst providing research to the asset management industry in SA.